Supporting Tunisia’s energy with five solar power projects

Supporting Tunisia’s energy with five solar power projects

The Tunisian Ministry of Industry and SMEs received international bids for five projects to produce 500 MW of electricity based on photovoltaic solar energy in Kairouan, Qafsa, Sidi Bouzeid, Tozeur and Tataouine, with an average of 8 offers per project.

According to the ministry, on July 22, offers made by the international companies propose tariffs of kilowatt-hour production ranging from 71.8 to 84.1 Malim / kWh, as the preliminary results of the opening of the financial offers have led, awaiting the technical reviews of these offers.

The proposed tariff for the Tataouine project (71.8 Malim kWh, equal to 2.44 US cents), provided by Norwegian company Scatec Solar, is the lowest in Africa and one of the best in the world.

The ministry also indicated that the proposed tariffs would reduce the cost of electricity production at the national level, as well as about 5% of the consumption from natural gas.

The projects, estimated at 1.2 billion Dinars (about $ 420 million), are expected to be operational starting in 2021.

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