Sudan may acquire a floating nuclear power plant

Sudan may acquire a floating nuclear power plant

Sudan is one of the most active countries in cooperation with Russia in the field of nuclear energy, according to the Russian State Energy Agency. The agency referred to the importance of public acceptance of the project of the floating nuclear plant, which was agreed with Russia recently, and determining who will deal with them in this regard in the future.

The Sudanese delegation in Moscow, following a meeting with Mr. Nikolai Spassky, Deputy Director of the Russian State Energy Authority, and Anton Maskfin, Director of “Rosatom MENA”, stated that the Deputy Director of the Russian Authority checked the progress of the implementation of agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two countries, pointing to the existence of a trend to sign a joint declaration between Sudan and Russia, during the upcoming Russian-African summit in Sochi in October.

For his part, the director of “Rosatom” pointed out that their enterprise could prepare the initial feasibility study of the floating plant as a preliminary stage to be presented to independent experts to give their opinion on it as a second stage.

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