Students from Jordan get trained at Rostov NPP

Students from Jordan get trained at Rostov NPP

A group of students from Jordan studying under the programs: “Nuclear Power and Thermal Physics” and “Nuclear Physics and Technology” in the postgraduate and master’s program of the NNIU MEPhI, passed the practice at the Rostov NPP.

The main part of the practice took place in the training and training unit of Rostov NPP, where all the conditions for practical training of knowledge on the PMT-3 simulators were created. The simulator can model neutron-physical and technological processes in the equipment of the nuclear power unit and perform all normal and abnormal operations, including modes with equipment failures, design accidents and beyond-design basis events Foreign trainees also got acquainted with the real work of nuclear power engineers at the operating nuclear power plant. They visited the central and block control panels, in the engine room of the operating power unit No. 3 (in operation since 2014), and also at the power unit No. 4 (upgraded VVER 1000/320 subtype), which is scheduled for launch this year.


“Students who graduated from technical universities in their country now receive an” atomic speciality “in NNRNU MEPhI and get acquainted with the operating nuclear facility – Rostov NPP, which is one of the best stations in Russia in the field of effective production and safety culture,” said the deputy head of the educational- training department of Rostov NPP Andrey Filippov.

“Our group visited the nuclear power plant for the first time, which not only generates electricity, but also builds a new power unit. The specialists of Rostov NPP are very competent. It was interesting to learn from them, “the postgraduate student of the NNIU MEPhI Alhagayish Iyad Khalaf Awad shared his impression of visiting the nuclear power plant.

The first experts to work in the field of nuclear energy in Jordan, which officially announced its intention to develop nuclear power, is prepared by Russia. Practical preparation of foreign and domestic students is carried out on the basis of the Resource Center of the NNIU MEPhI. The Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute of the NNIU MEPhI has become a strategic partner of the nuclear industry enterprises and a reliable source of the formation of their personnel reserve.

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