STEG is contracting for a power plant worth 240 million euros

STEG is contracting for a power plant worth 240 million euros

The Tunisian Company for Electricity, Gas and Renewable Energies, (STEG), has signed an agreement with the Italian company, “Ansaldo Energia”, estimated at 240 million euros, to build a new power plant.

“The new plant, with a production capacity of about 625 megawatts, will be built in the Mornaguia area, southwest of the capital, and will be ready by mid-2020”, STEG said in a statement.

The Tunisian company said, “The plant will be supplied with 2 gas cylinders, in addition to generators and additional suitable systems, produced by the Italian company, which is based in the city of Genoa, Italy”.

“This contract is the result of a difficult teamwork that the whole company has done”, said “Giuseppe Zampini”, director of “Ansaldo Energia” in a statement posted on the company’s website.

We should also point out that “Ansaldo Energia” has developed several energy projects in Tunisia over the past years, such as the stations of Sousse, Sidi Abdel Hamid and Radis, as well as the maintenance of Ghannouch Station in Qabes.

The Italian company illustrated in a statement, that cooperation with the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company, “STEG”, aims to complete the power plant for electricity, as well as the related activities and services on the long-term.

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