SPI revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time

SPI revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time

In 2017, the State Power Investment (SPI) broke through 1 trillion yuan (160 Billion USD) of total assets and its operating income exceeded 200 billion yuan (32 Billion USD) for the first time, reaching 202.9 billion yuan.


As of the end of 2017, the total installed capacity of SPI projects reached 126 GW, of which over 45% was clean energy, and the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation exceeded 10 GW, maintaining the position of the largest photovoltaic power generation enterprise in the world. The annual generating capacity was 422.6 TW.


In terms of scientific and technological innovation, China’s major demonstration project–pressurized water reactor CAP1400 has completed the technology development, and met with the condition of demonstration project construction.


In 2017, SPI set up “China United Heavy Gas-Turbine Company” and initially completed the concept design of a heavy-duty gas turbine of Class F with a total capacity of 300 MW.


In addition, SPI shut down 515 MW coal-fired power units throughout the year to resolve overcapacity of 1.5 million tons of coal to help out 21 deadlocked business.


In “Going Global”, in 2017, SPI successfully acquired the Australian Pacific Hydropower Company and won the 30-year franchise of Brazil’s Silang Hydropower Station. At present, the State Power Investment Overseas business has covered 41 countries and regions, with total overseas assets of 70 billion yuan 11.1 Billion USD).

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