Soon .. pilot operation of a 250 MW Egyptian wind farm

Soon .. pilot operation of a 250 MW Egyptian wind farm

Completion of 85% of Ras Gharib wind farm, with a capacity of 250 MW, and the start of pilot operation in November, in preparation for its official opening in 2020.

The farm is being implemented by a consortium of Orascom Construction of Egypt, Engie of France and Toyota Tsusho of Japan, at a cost of $ 400 million US.

Dr. Mohammed Al Khayat, Chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority, said that the project is expected to be fully completed by September or October at the latest, two months ahead deadline of 24 months. “We can say that Orascom has reduced 10% Of the schedule because of its excellence in implementation as owner of the project and as a major contractor.” Al Khayat said.

Al-Khayyat explained that the work by Orascom is being followed up and that it is proceeding at a very good pace. He pointed out that the last turbine in the project will be implemented in October after it was planned in December.

It is worth mentioning that the 580 MW wind farm of Jabal Al-Zayt was opened in July 2018. Several other farms are being implemented in cooperation with Spain, France, Japan and Britain, as part of Egypt’s plan to generate 11,000 MW of wind energy by 2030; through the establishment of wind farms on the Red Sea coasts and west Nile.

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