Soon.. adding 3000 MW to Iraq’s national electricity

Soon.. adding 3000 MW to Iraq’s national electricity

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced that it would soon add 3000 MW to the national electricity, after the United States announced its extension to exempt Iraq from the embargo imposed on Iran to import electricity from it.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity said, “The Ministry of Electricity is working on introducing approximately 3000 megawatts into the network through generation units and stations that will soon be operational, and will be among the preparations for the new year.”

He pointed out that the American side extended the exemption for Iraq by 60 days to import gas, indicating that “the US administration sees the exemption as an opportunity for Iraq to work on rehabilitating the gas fields and to ensure a fuel plan to operate the generation stations.” He also stressed the need to work on diversifying energy sources, such as proceeding with electrical interconnection projects with neighboring countries.

A US State Department official said that the United States renewed an exception for Iraq to receive electricity imports from Iran, for a period of 60 days this time, a period that enables Baghdad to take effective measures to reduce its dependence on Iran for energy.

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