Solar thermal technology developed in Turkey

Solar thermal technology developed in Turkey

A team working at Izmir Technopark within the İzmir Technological Institute (İYTE) has developed a solar thermal system that is 37% more efficient than the current models.

The project enables to produce industrial heat which can be used both in heating and cooling purposes. The horizontal and vertical panels of the system is automatically monitoring the movements of the sun and allows its rays to hit at 90 degrees angle at all times which increase energy efficiency.

The project was carried out with the support of international investors and the efficiency measurements have been realized by the Spanish CIEMAT institute (Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology) working in the field of renewable energy. The first installation of this system, called LucidaSolar, was established in the roof of the Innovation Center building in İzmir Technopark where the panels are used for all heating and cooling systems.

Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Mongolia and Spain are the countries that have requested for LucidaSolar panel installation by the end of 2017.

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