SNIIP completed shipment of the acs system for Tianwan NPP

SNIIP completed shipment of the acs system for Tianwan NPP

SC SNIIP has completed the shipment of the control and diagnostic control system (ACS) for the fourth power unit of the Tianwan NPP under construction. The last delivery included the equipment of the in-reactor control system (SIRC) and the complex analysis system (SKA).

Earlier, SNIIP already supplied the equipment of the ACS to the third power unit of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant. Specialists of SNIIP are currently completing the supervision of the installation works on the third unit and are starting the commissioning.

The ACS is a complex automated system that is part of the reactor facility. The system is designed to operate the power unit within the process control system under normal operation, violations of normal operation, including design accidents. The SVRC provides control of neutron-physical and thermohydraulic parameters and indicators of the state of the reactor core of the first and second circuits.

Equipment supervision and commissioning will be performed by specialists of SNIIP in 2018.

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