Sites selection for solar power projects in Dhi Qar, Iraq

Sites selection for solar power projects in Dhi Qar, Iraq

Numyr Ali, the director of the solar energy project, which is affiliated to the Public Company for the Production of Electric Power in Dhi Qar, Iraq, has identified five sites for the construction of solar power projects, 30 MW each, on an area of ​​approximately 1000 square meters.

This comes within the administrative and technical preparation stage. “The project is in the process of completing the initial procedures before calling for investors”, Ali said.

The five sites are in the areas: “Al Dwaiya, Syd Dakhil, Refai, Fajr and Manar”.

He added that: “Once all the procedures for the project are completed; will be submitted to the Ministry and the Energy Committee and the Council of Ministers to take the next steps.” He also explained that the project, once completed, will be linked to the national company, as part of the government’s efforts to develop the use of clean energy.

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