Sinop Nuclear Power Plant ‘Public Participation Meeting’

Sinop Nuclear Power Plant ‘Public Participation Meeting’

Electricity Generation Co. subsidiary EUAS International ICC, organized the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant People’s Participation Meeting at Abali village of Sinop.

The company technical team made a general presentation to the local people about the details of the project and then the opinions, questions and recommendations of the people were taken.


Project Manager Yılar responded to the questions and stated that all the sensitivities of the construction and operation of the plant will be taken into account and stated that “The local people will be given priority in employment and the local people will be trained during the construction and operation phases.

On the question of what should be done in case of any accidents to be experienced during the operating phase of the plant, “We take all kinds of precautions to avoid accidents at first, but we are doing very detailed studies on what to do in case of any accident. project-based, we are preparing all kinds of emergency action plans, and even in the event of a minor accident, what will be done will be determined and communicated long before the project commences. ”


Oğuzhan Kurt, the provincial director of Sinop Environment, who is managing the meeting, stated that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application file was presented and clarified to the public. Sinop NGS Project’s EIA application file was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism on January 12th.


If the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Sinop NGS gives a positive decision on EIA following the review and evaluation process, the first stage of the project will be completed in the decision making process. Turkey Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) will issue a license and after the project will be put into life after the administration of the construction license.

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