Sino-Turkish economic relations

Sino-Turkish economic relations

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan traveled to China to attend the “One Belt One Road” Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing on May 14-15.

The day before the forum, Erdogan is received by Chinese President Xi Jinping with official ceremony on the way to the Great People’s Assembly.

During the meeting, Jinping and Erdogan mainly discussed on the economic relations of the two countries. The followings were mentioned:
• Jinping said that Turkey’s support in the “One Belt One Road” project is important for China,
• Two parts agreed on accelerating the process about the construction of the third nuclear power plant in Turkey,
• It was underlined that the previously established e-commerce platform has grown successfully.
• The need for increased cooperation in port management and shipbuilding issues.
• The will to declare more business cooperation in the areas of import-export balance, investment and banking.
• The declaration of 2018 as “Turkey-China Year” and preparations about.
Then, Turkish and Chinese delegations headed by the two leaders signed the “Agreement on Mutual Easing of Crimes”, “Transportation Agreement on International Roads” and “Agreement on Establishment of Cultural Centers with the People’s Republic of China”.
Bekir Bozdag, Minister of Justice, Mevlut Cavusoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications were also present at the signing ceremony.
Two leaders will come together soon at the G20 Summit, scheduled for July in Germany.


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