Sino-Kazakhstan Nuclear Fuel Project

Sino-Kazakhstan Nuclear Fuel Project


  • Release Date: May 17, 2017

Since the last ten years, China has been seeking the breakthrough in developing the overseas uranium resources. A joint cooperation project with Kazakhstan (a joint-ventured nuclear fuel plant) is expected to put into operation in 2019. Both countries made a deal to work in the field of the uranium exploitation, natural uranium trade and the nuclear fuel pellets manufacturing.

In the Press Conference regarding the “Belt and Road” Policy, the General Manager of the CGN Uranium Industry Company Mr. Yu Zhiping, revealed the progress of the nuclear fuel plant project. He said the current tasks mainly are the equipment procurement, and the relevant manufacture preparation. Everything is moving forward in good order and it is expected to put into operation by the end of 2019.

He introduced that “the first phase production will be 200 tons’ uranium which will mainly be dedicated to the CGN’s nuclear market, including its overseas market.”

He added that, meanwhile CGN and Kazatomprom are actively planning to develop a third-party market. Besides, the Sino-Kazakhstan nuclear fuel assembly plant has got the priority to supply for all the nuclear power plants under construction in Kazakhstan.

Regarding the nuclear fuel strategy, China always sticks to the principles of “Two resources (another alternative resource plus uranium); Two market (domestic & overseas) and Three 3/1—which means the uranium supply shall rely on the following three aspects–the local production, the overseas exploitation, and the natural uranium trade.

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