Sino-French energy cooperation is gaining momentum

Sino-French energy cooperation is gaining momentum

On September 3, China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) released “2018 Global Sustainability Report” in Paris, which comprehensively and systematically explained its actions and contributions in economic, environmental and social sustainable development to international partners. It is the first time for Chinese companies to publish a sustainability report in France.

He Yu, president of CGN, revealed at the press conference that CGN’s clean energy installed capacity in Europe exceeded 1GW, and cumulative power generation more than 4.3 billion kWh. The total volume of carbon reduction is equivalent to planting about 10,000 hectares of trees.

Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye said in his speech: “This global society responsibility report highlights the role of Chinese companies in taking the initiative to undertake responsibility. China and France have broad development potential in the field of energy cooperation, and hope that they would continue to deepen cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy and new energy.”

Xavier, executive director of EDF, said in his speech: “We will continue to explore all-round cooperation together, not only in technology and commerce, but in helping China and France reach more consensuses on sustainable development, and strengthen partnership in green financing and energy conversion, and to promote the implementation of the goals and initiatives of the Paris Agreement signed by the two heads of state.”

Fang Wei, President of Framatome China, also expressed his willingness to cooperate in the future: “The cooperation prospect between China and France in the nuclear industry is profitable. In the future, we can further deepen cooperation in the fields of developing international nuclear power market, nuclear energy industry chain partnership, and technology research and development collaboration.”

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