Sierra Pintada mining project is resumed

Sierra Pintada mining project is resumed

Argentina stopped uranium mining because of an economic issue. The first stage of remediation of environmental liabilities will begin in San Rafael, and the main objective is to improve the quality of excavation. The Undersecretary of Nuclear Energy of the Argentinean Ministry of Energy, Julián Gadano, detailed the process.

“The Sierra Pintada mining project was developed then stopped working a long time ago, and it was necessary to do the soil remediation. A mineral extraction method is carried out from quarry water, seeking to remove solid waste to be sent to factories located outside the province. At the beginning of the works, Governor Alfredo Cornejo will be present; the Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, and Energy, Martín Kerchner; and the provincial secretary of Environment, Humberto Mingorance.”

The Undersecretary of Nuclear Energy did not know how to specify the time it will take for this remediation but clarified that it would be several years, and the target is to extract 200 tons a year.

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