Shandong Province nuclear goals in 2019

Shandong Province nuclear goals in 2019

Recently, Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau issued a notice on the guidance of the province’s energy work in 2019, which stated:

With the commercialization of Gen-III nuclear power technologies such as AP1000, CAP 1400 and Hualong No.1 as the core, the coastal nuclear power planning and construction will be promoted in an orderly manner, and the demonstration and promotion of comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy will be carried out steadily.

While ensuring the safe and stable operation of Haiyang Nuclear Power Phase I unit, we will strive for the large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor CAP 1400 demonstration project and Haiyang Nuclear Power Phase II to obtain national approval and start construction, and the approval for project expansion of Haiyang Nuclear Power Phase III and Rongcheng Pressure Water Reactor as well as the preliminary work approval for Zhaoyuan Phase I Project.

The first phase of nuclear power heating project of Haiyang Nuclear Power will be launched to solve the problem of clean heating in the surrounding 700,000 square meters residential area; the preliminary work of the demonstration project for the comprehensive utilization of offshore nuclear energy will be promoted, and the research and demonstration of heat supply such as pool type reactor will be carried out. Striving to make installed capacity of 2.5 million kilowatts, the construction of installed machines 5.7 million kilowatts, the annual power generation no less than 17 billion kilowatt hours.


NβN tip: Promoting nuclear development remains the main keynote in the energy mix of Shandong Province in 2019.

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