Shandong -China’s new “plateau” for nuclear industry

Shandong -China’s new “plateau” for nuclear industry

Nuclear Energy Safety and 2019 Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit was recently held in Yantai, Shandong Province. As a new “highland” for the development of China’s nuclear power industry, Shandong Province regards nuclear power as its key focus and an efficient carrier for the regional energy transformation. Shandong has set up goals in nuclear power industry – By 2020, the installed capacity of nuclear power will be 2.7 million kilowatts; by 2030, the nuclear power installed capacity will reach 20.65 million kilowatts. In 2019, the Work Report of Shandong Provincial Government clearly stated that Yantai City should arrange a number of landmark projects with stimulating effect in the field of nuclear power equipment supply.

Luan Jian, director of Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau, indicated at the forum that Shandong Province is working out an energy development strategy for 2035, which will take nuclear energy as the top priority in optimizing energy structure, and will actively promote the construction of two nuclear power projects in Haiyang and Rongcheng. In addition, it will strive to create an important eastern coastal nuclear power base concentrating on the development of third- and fourth-generation nuclear power projects, as well as the research on key technologies such as modular small reactors.

The theme of the forum is “New Security Level, New Industry Development”, sponsored by Yantai Municipal People’s Government, Shandong Energy Bureau, China Energy News, China General Nuclear Power Group, China National Nuclear Corporation and State Power Investment Corp.

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