Second stage of land acquisition in Kovvada

Second stage of land acquisition in Kovvada

The bankruptcy of Westinghouse (WEC ) does not have any effect on the nuclear power plant at Kovvada. The NPCIL expressed its willingness that WEC will build a nuclear power plant and started the second stage of land acquisition in Kovvada.

The obstruction to the establishment of the nuclear power plant in the corridor zone has been dropped. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has increased the work despite the bankruptcy of WEC. In the first phase, the preparations for the construction at the site already started and the government increased the pressure on the farmers to sell their land. The lands identified for the construction are located in five surrounding villages of Kovvada.


The first batch of land is delivered


The government has already handed over 485 acres ( <2 square km) of land to the Kovvada Nuclear Power Plant in the first phase. Some blocks belong to the government, other were acquired to private owners. The government paid Rs 9 lakh per acre ( 14,000 USD per 4,000 Square meters) for occupation land, and twice more to farmers. Another batch of 500 acres (> 2square km) of government land, including canals, roads and other infrastructure will be delivered to Kovvada NPP. The nuclear plants are expected to be around 500 acres. Reactors, official offices and other constructions are planned to be built in this zone for nuclear power generation. Beside this area, specific infrastructure will be needed for large vehicles that will transport specific equipment, such as the Reactor Pressure Vessel, the Pressurizer, and Steam Generators.

The proposal for the overall project is 2,074 acres of land (8,4 square Km), including 600 acres ( 2,42 Square Km) will be acquired from farmers.

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