SEC-KSB become a member of ASME QME CIWG

SEC-KSB become a member of ASME QME CIWG

The first session of 2017 ASME QME-China International Working Group (ASME QME CIWG), held in Daya Bay, Shenzhen (Guangdong Province), attracted more than 50 committee members and nuclear experts. This meeting was jointly chaired by Mr. Dou Yikang, chief engineer of Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd (SPERI), and Mr. Wu Hui, the deputy general manager of CNNC SUFA.

During the meeting, ASME QME committee further discussed with Chinese team about the ASME QME-1 standards, especially focusing on the topic of the “similarity principle application and prototype selection.” In addition, they set up a specific working group around this subject.

The most note-worthy in this session is that it approved to add another 3 members in the committee: Mr. Gao Kaike from Neway Valve, Mr. Wang Yongxian from Emerson (Tianjin) and Mr. Long Jiannan from SEC-KSB.

ASME gathered great power from Chinese nuclear power market. It also sets up special group or team to dedicate to the solutions in the real engineering operation.

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