Scientific collaboration between AENTA and Russia

Scientific collaboration between AENTA and Russia

Within the framework of collaboration with Russia, 30 young graduates, specialists and professors of the nuclear field are educated in universities and research centers in Russia.

These 30 young people, specialists, and professors are linked to research centers affiliated to the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies (AENTA) as the Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development ( CEADEN ) , Center for Advanced Studies of Cuba ( CEAC) , the Isotope Center (CENTIS), the Mathematical and Physical Cybernetics Institute (ICIMAF), the Environmental Engineering Center of Camagüey (CIAC) and the Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences (INSTEC), the latter belonging to the University of Havana.

The objective is to promote the exchange of specialists and scientific research projects for the development of collaboration in the peaceful use of nuclear energy in topics such as nuclear medicine, nuclear waste disposal, nuclear safety, irradiation technologies for conservation of food, the production of isotopes for medical purposes, and the training of specialists.

Among the main Russian institutions that receive our young scientists and specialists is the Unified Institute of Nuclear Research of Dubna, the Institute of Physical Engineering of Moscow and its subsidiary in Obninsk, The Kazan University, The Lomonosov State University of Moscow, the Technical University of St. Petersburg and Skolkovo in Moscow.

The second meeting of the joint coordination committee AENTA / ROSATOM will soon take place in Havana to promote the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement for the development of collaboration in the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The main functions of AENTA are the development, promotion and peaceful use of nuclear applications in nuclear medicine, production of radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and other diseases among the leading causes of death in Cuba. For these functions, it is a focal point for collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and in turn manages projects and provides scientific-technological services and high-value-added products related to nuclear technologies, renewable energy sources and other technologies. advanced, which contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

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