Saudi-Jordanian nuclear co-operation

Saudi-Jordanian nuclear co-operation


  • Release Date: March 15, 2017

The Jordanian government decided last month, to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to study the economic feasibility of building two reactors with the technology of small integrated units to produce electricity and desalinate water.

The agreement was signed between King Abdullah City of Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA CARE) and the Jordanian Atomic Energy Agency (JAEC). The memorandum of understanding indicates that a Jordanian specialized team and another Saudi counterpart team will conduct the economic feasibility study of building two reactors.The results of this study will be of great benefit to the Jordanian energy sector in finding long-term and radical solutions to energy resources.

This MOU also approved the convention of “Research and Development of Uranium ore mining project” in the central region of Jordan.

On another level, the government decided to approve an agreement in the field of environmental protection and conservation between the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The agreement comes within the framework of the bonds of friendship between the both kingdoms, and the consolidation of the joint action rules in the fields of environmental protection, conservation and prevention of pollution.

Finally the agreement also stated that both sides will cooperate in the fields of environmental awareness, education, information* and standard of environmental norms.

* chemical substances, hazardous waste and environmental monitoring and assessment.

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