Saudi Arabia to produce 50% of its electricity from renewables

Saudi Arabia to produce 50% of its electricity from renewables

The Saudi Minister of Energy announced that the Kingdom aims to produce 50% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

The Minister of Energy said that the Kingdom will soon announce a project to produce electricity from solar energy, at the lowest cost per KW. He explained that the KSA aims to produce 50% of electricity through renewable energy by 2030, stressing the Kingdom’s desire to expand the use of wind energy as well.

The Minister also indicated that work is currently under way to analyze solar energy projects in order to reach the lowest possible cost in the world for the production of a watt unit, and to enter into this field with high global competitiveness.

He added that Saudi Arabia is currently among the countries most committed and serious in energy efficiency programs, noting that the Kingdom is currently implementing many programs, including increasing the use of electricity energy from renewable energy by 30%.

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