Saudi Arabia seeks support from the UAE for its nuclear program

Saudi Arabia seeks support from the UAE for its nuclear program

Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Khalid Al-Falih said that the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, especially in the field of electricity generation and the field of medical and therapeutic uses, is one of the objectives of the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Saudi Arabia will begin to introduce nuclear power into the power generation mix initially through two reactors that will be built over the next decade.


Al-Falih, who heads the Saudi delegation for the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, visited the site of the Baraka Nuclear Power Plant Project, accompanied by Dr. Khalid Bin Saleh Al-Sultan, President of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, Dr. Khalid Abdul Aziz Al-Issa, Minister of Energy, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Qarwan, Head of Renewable Energy Sector in the city, Dr. Maher Al-Oudan, Head of the Atomic Energy Sector in King Abdullah City, Engineer Mohammed Saad Al Saad, Head of Engineering and Projects Sector in the city and a number of specialists.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced that ENEC welcome all forms of cooperation with the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to exchange knowledge and expertise in the peaceful nuclear energy sector.

The UAE Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), has two core companies, Nawaat Energy and Baraka I, with the expertise of more than 40 nationalities from around the world.

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