Saudi Arabia nuclear power tender in October

Saudi Arabia nuclear power tender in October

Saudi Arabia nuclear power tender in October is a great news for the Gulf Cooperation Council and its local supply chain . The kingdom will launch a Request for Information (RFI) for two nuclear reactors units (2.8 GW) next month and will reach out to potential vendors from South Korea, France, China, Japan and Russia.

This tender is smaller than original forecast of 17 GW, however, the target is to pour the first concrete of reactor casing in 2018. .

The plants are part of long-standing plans to diversify the mix energy supply, it is part of the Vision 2030 . Saudi Arabia has also uranium reserves estimated at 40,000 tons in the site of Ghurayyah.

Note:  Several entities are involved in the decision process of the nuclear project, the KA CARE is performing the execution.

  • The Council of Economic and Development Affairs establishes the mechanisms and measures necessary for achieving the nuclear project, part of Saudi Vision 2030. This includes identifying and presenting visions, directions, and programs; as well as deciding on any amendments or updates to the programs and initiatives.
  • The Finance Committee establishes and updates the approval mechanisms for funding programs and initiatives, including medium-term expenditures. It shall also prepare and update the detailed mechanisms for examining the financial requirements of programs and initiatives, for planning of cash flows and for reporting on progress.
  • The Communication Team unifies the publicly communicated messages, correct any miscommunication, develop communication plans and implement the programs that will be publicly launched and strengthen our transparency principle.

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