Saudi Arabia begins with two nuclear reactors

Saudi Arabia begins with two nuclear reactors

Saudi Arabia will begin to utilize nuclear energy in electricity generation initially through two reactors to be built in the coming decade; to use nuclear energy in the fields of electricity generation and medical and therapeutic uses, according to Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Khalid Al-Falih.

Within his visit to the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, and during his visit to the site of the Baraka Nuclear Power Plants Project, Minister Al Falih expressed his admiration for the level of effort involved in the construction of the Baraka nuclear power plants.

Al-Falih stressed that the Baraka project is a strong reason to enhance confidence in Saudi Arabia’s ability to achieve what it seeks. He pointed out that the prospects for cooperation between the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the various issues related to this field, including regulatory and operational work, and related safety and security, are part of enhancing efforts within the framework of the joint work system between the two countries.

During the tour, the Minister of Energy viewed the completion of the construction phase and the operational preparations for the first station, which completed the construction work in May 2018. The minister also toured the facilities of the first station, which is being prepared for the operational preparations stages, and the station reactor building, in addition to the main control room.

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