Which safety standard for Bushehr?

Which safety standard for Bushehr?

Atomstroyexport (ASE) recently announced that Bushehr NPP will use the latest nuclear safety standard.

According to ASE the new units at Bushehr power plant will be constructed based on the Generation III-plus nuclear plant models certified by the European Utility Requirement Organization (EUR)*.

The agreement to expand civilian nuclear energy cooperation and construct a total of eight additional nuclear reactors at Bushehr was signed between Russia and Iran on November 11, 2014.

Bushehr-1 was launched in September 2011. The construction of the second and third power generating units will for the Bushehr-2 nuclear power plant will begin on September 10 2016.


*The EUR document is a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) specification. The primary objective was to give a common frame to the development of next generation LWR NPPs, so as to allow the emergence of several standardized LWR designs that would be well fitted to European utility future needs and that could be proposed throughout Europe without any major design change. Other uses have eventually appeared: bid specification and tool for harmonisation of the rules (nuclear safety, connection to HV grid, etc.) on the European unified electricity market. Also, the EUR document is used as a basis in bidding processes (i.e. choice of the technology).Moreover, the EUR document is a technical reference when assessing documents produced by the external stakeholders, such as the regulators (e.g. Western European Nuclear Regulator’s Association (WENRA) Safety Reference Levels and WENRA Safety Objectives for New Reactors). Source: Tractebel Engineering

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