Safety issues for China marine projects

Safety issues for China marine projects

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) recently released more information on the cooperation agreement with Yantai City, in Shandong Province, regarding the low-temperature reactor, a floating type project.

CNNC is currently launching the ACP series, including ACP10, ACP25 and ACP100 floating nuclear power plant, while the competition CGN (ACPR50), CSIC (HHP25) is also in the race of marine nuclear power platform.

Although the nuclear power industry at present is generally optimistic about the application of the small reactor, a series of problems subsist. The small reactor has advantages in the marine energy supply and seawater desalination. But the reactor safety assessment is not mandatory, and it lacks standard support. Furthermore the business model of the shipbuilding enterprises and other stakeholders is unclear.

Nuclear power equipment manufacturer and engineering companies have proven an established experience in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, but the offshore nuclear power platform is a new market. It needs to set up a set of norms and standards in the investment model, the construction, the operation and safety supervision.

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