Russia’s objective in Argentina

Russia’s objective in Argentina

Russia’s’ objective in Argentina is to build three nuclear power plants for Argentina. The ambassador of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Feoktistov, said that they made three proposals and “now the ball is in the Argentine court.”

In this regard, he explained that at the official meeting that presidents Vladimir Putin and Mauricio Macri had in December, several cooperation agreements were signed on nuclear matters.

“One is the construction of a large nuclear power plant, fully financed by Russia, with a system that would mean that Russia could build and maintain that nuclear power plant, be the owner, and sell the energy produced to Argentina at a fixed price,” he explained.

He added: “Russia, understanding that its strategic partner is going through a severe economic moment, is now willing to finance that power plant fully. This would not imply any violation of the agreement between Argentina and the IMF, which had prohibited their country from taking new loans, because Russia would come with the money. “For this work, an investment of 10 billion dollars is estimated. ”

“Apart from this large nuclear power plant, we offered the option of several lower power plants, as many as Argentina requires, which would produce less energy and therefore require less investment. Moreover, the third project, which is the most innovative, is the construction of a floating nuclear power plant, which may be wholly Russian or in conjunction with Argentina, which also has much nuclear experience. Russia is the only country in the world that has a floating nuclear power plant, Academician Lomonosov.

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