Russia wants Nuclear Power and Gas in Rwanda

Russia wants Nuclear Power and Gas in Rwanda

At the Russia-Africa summit, the Rwandan Minister of Infrastructure signed an agreement with the Russian Atomic Energy Agency, Rosatom, on the construction of a research center on nuclear technology. The center is expected to house a research reactor and produce technologies for agriculture and cancer treatment, according to Rosatom.

But the main objective of the project remains the transfer of skills, through, among other things, the training of Rwandan personnel to the nuclear industry.

Last December, Rwanda, and Russia had already signed a cooperation agreement in the civilian nuclear sector. Rosatom’s statement also referred to the construction of a nuclear power plant in Rwanda.

A project that is not yet on the agenda and which is not part of the agreement signed yesterday in Sochi, ensures Olivier Nduhungirehe, Rwandan Minister of East African Affairs.

Nuclear power is not the only sector in which Russia is prospecting. The Russian state-owned company Rosgeo also signed an agreement with the Rwandan government on Wednesday to boost Russian investment in the mining and gas sector and identify future oil exploration in the Lake Kivu basin.

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