Russia steps in Algeria nuclear program

Russia steps in Algeria nuclear program

Algeria is preparing the exploitation of nuclear energy through its introduction among its energy resources by 2030-2050. This objective guided Russia to steps in Algeria nuclear program.

In this framework, a law to regulate activities related to nuclear energy in Algeria is being drafted by the Ministry of Energy, according to recent statements by Mustapha Guitouni, Minister of Energy of Algeria.

The preparation stage for this transition involves several levels, organizational, legal and training, according to the minister who cited in this regard the creation of Comena in 1996, the realization of two nuclear reactors for research and training in Draria (Algiers) and El Birine (Djelfa), the creation of the Algerian Institute for Nuclear Engineering Training in 2011 and the National Center for Training and Support to Nuclear Security in 2012.

The program for the development of nuclear energy is aimed at meeting Algeria’s energy needs, in addition to its technical uses in the fields of health, agriculture and water resources.

Algeria is thinking of its future The growing demand for energy has led the state to initiate an ambitious renewable energy program focused on the diversification of energy sources to guarantee the future of future generations. Nuclear energy is, as such, a strategic choice for our country, “assured the minister.

In order to implement this program, Algeria has signed several bilateral cooperation agreements on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, with several countries, including China, Argentina, France, the United States and Russia. in addition to multilateral cooperation within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). On the sidelines of the 10th International Atomic Energy Forum (ATOMEXPO) in Sochi, Mustapha Guitouni, met the Director General of the Russian state-run nuclear energy company (ROSATOM), Alexey Likhachev to express the will to pursue the cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

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