Russia expanded nuclear in China

Russia expanded nuclear in China


  • Release Date: November 11, 2016

The liaison office of Rosatom announced that China and Russia will soon draft the related documents of constructing two new units for Tianwan nuclear power projects.

Russia and China have issued a joint inter-governmental statement to develop the strategic cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy during the meeting of Russian PM Medvedev with China’s PM Li Keqiang.

The document includes the Statement of the heads of the two governments that is both sides have decided to expand nuclear cooperation based on the interest balance and reciprocity principle. It aims to promote Rosatom’s implementation of the large nuclear projects in China.

The Statement declares that “the Heads of governments support the construction of two Russian-designed units in Tianwan and meanwhile give orders to prepare quickly the signature of the inter-governmental MOU except for some relevant contracts-signing.

In addition, Russia and China intend to jointly construct new units in new sites of China, especially to develop the cooperation in floating nuclear power projects and in the promising fast reactor projects which use the fourth generation technology.



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