Russia develops a new Thorium-based nuclear fuel

Russia develops a new Thorium-based nuclear fuel

Scientists at the Tomsk Technological University have been able to create nuclear fuel based on radioactive thorium for the latest generation of nuclear reactors. This fuel is also expected to be backward compatible with currently used reactors.

According to the project’s supervisor, Igor Chamanin, “The result of the chemical-plasma fusion is a dispersed Nano powder, a mixture of oxides and metal carbides, which forms the basis of the new nuclear fuel, whose properties will allow the construction of a fourth generation of nuclear reactors”.

The university spokesman said that the expansion of the base of raw materials for the production of nuclear energy could include thorium in the near future, as huge reserves of it have been discovered, and scientists have devised new technology that will help produce different types of nuclear fuel, using additional internal safety precautions, ensure complete combustion of isotopes in spent fuel.

In addition, under the same project, scientists have been able to study the pathway of plasma chemical fusion reactions, how plasma indicators affect different activities and the speed of interaction. For example, if a stable flow of plasma is not provided and there is a possibility of higher temperatures than required, the properties of the result material will be affected and will not be satisfactory!

“Scientists are now trying to create new combinations of materials with unique and different properties”, said Igor Chamanin.

The results of this study were published on the AIP Conference Proceedings. You can download the study HERE

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