Russia contracts with China to support CFR-600

Russia contracts with China to support CFR-600

TVEL, a subsidiary of Rosatom, has signed a contract for the supply of nuclear fuel to fast neutron reactor CFR-600, which will be constructed in China with Russian participation.

Experts from Afrikantov OKBM, another subsidiary of Rosatom will evaluate this CFR-600 Fast Neutron Demonstration Reactor Project, and supply key equipment, as well as providing technical support for the reactor construction and help train local staff.

In 2017, China requested cooperation with Russia to build the CFR-600 fast neutron demonstration reactor in China. The new reactor CFR-600 will be designed by China. China began construction of the reactor at the end of 2017.

In addition, Russia will also provide China with an isotope heat source generator for space. Such equipment will contribute to the study of the equipment necessary for cosmos, because these equipment does not always use solar energy. These heat sources can be used to study the moon on China Automatic Space Station.

NβN tip: Fast neutron reactor construction technology is of great significance to the future of nuclear energy. Compared with thermal neutron reactors, they can guarantee a high level of plutonium production capacity and are safer. It will play an important role in the development of China’s nuclear power industry.

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