Russia announced strong support to AAEA

Russia announced strong support to AAEA


  • Release Date: October 29, 2016

The Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) held recently a scientific symposium in its headquarters in Tunisia with experts from Tunisia, Morocco and Russia. The scientific symposium announced that nuclear technology is a necessary condition for sustainable social and economic development. Experts from Russia announced strong support to AAEA through a representative of the Russian Alٲkhaddr Cross and ROSATOM.

Other representatives at the symposium gathered experts from the National Center for Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology in Morocco and representatives of the National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies of Tunisia and the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas and experts from the Arab Authority for Energy Atomic.

The president of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency Abdelmajid Mahjoub declared the symposium declared that Arab countries are looking to use  nuclear technology to generate electricity and non-technological applications, particularly in the desalination of sea water.

Russian experts indicated the ongoing support and negotiations with various countries, including Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco to find ways to close cooperation and exchange of experiences about the concentration of this technology, calling for opening up the debate with public opinion and civil society and the media in full transparency to further highlight the use of nuclear energy.


Arab Atomic Energy Agency

AAEA established in 1989.

The Arab Atomic Energy Agency AAEA is an Arab scientific organization AAEA is working within the framework of the League of Arab States to coordinate the scientific efforts of the Arab Countries in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. It contributes also to the transfer of the peaceful nuclear knowledge and technologies

One of the most important tasks of AAEA is to coordinate between Arab states to share their laboratory facilities and develop the human resources which have the capabilities of assimilating the nuclear knowledge and its application

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