Russia and Rwanda intergovernmental cooperation agreement

Russia and Rwanda intergovernmental cooperation agreement

An intergovernmental cooperation agreement was signed between the Republic of Russia and the Republic of Rwanda for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The agreement signed during an official visit by the Minister of Infrastructure, Claver Gatete to Moscow, will form the basis of active dialogue in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy between the two countries.

Russia and Rwanda intergovernmental cooperation agreement signed between Rosatom and the Rwanda Infrastructure Ministry on December 5th is the continuation of the cooperation protocol launched on June 22nd with the Rwanda Nuclear Science and Technology Center for the establishment of the country’s first nuclear power plant.

Russia and Rwanda intergovernmental cooperation agreement includes the development of nuclear infrastructure in accordance with international rules, supervision of physical protection of nuclear materials, radiation sources, storage facilities of nuclear and radioactive materials, nuclear and radiation materials, surveillance and control of radioactive waste, basic and applied research, radioisotope production and their application in manufacturing, agriculture and health services, and cooperation and training of experts for the nuclear industry. Within the scope of the agreement, there will be issues such as the exchange of experts, the organization of seminars and conferences, the training of scientific and technical personnel, the establishment of working groups for the implementation of specific projects and scientific researches.

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