Rosatom will rely on manufacturing tasks done in Egypt

Rosatom will rely on manufacturing tasks done in Egypt

Vladislav Vasiliev, Director of Commissioning at the Russian company Rosatom, which is responsible for the construction of the nuclear power plant in El-Dabaa, stated that Rosatom aims to pave the way for Egyptian companies to push the domestic nuclear industry in the future. The announcement was made at the Nuclear Suppliers’ Forum, organized by Russia’s Rosatom in cooperation with the Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA).

Vasiliev mentioned that among the objectives of Rosatom is for Egyptian companies to obtain permits to supply nuclear equipment, pointing out that according to the plan, Rosatom will rely on manufacturing tasks done in Egypt.

In accordance with the contractual obligations between the Egyptian and Russian sides, the Russian side will provide nuclear fuel throughout the life cycle of the nuclear power plant. It will also assist Egyptian partners training personnel and supporting the operation and maintenance of the plant during the first ten years of operation. Under one of the agreements, the Russian side will build a storage facility and supply containers to store spent nuclear fuel.

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