Rosatom will prepare Ethiopian specialists to work in the nuclear power

Rosatom will prepare Ethiopian specialists to work in the nuclear power

The Ambassador of Ethiopia in Russia, Grum Abay Teshome, announced recently that Rosatom will train Ethiopian engineers to become nuclear specialists.


“Now the delegation from Rosatom is in our country within the framework of the previously signed agreement on cooperation,” he said. “We are interested in the development of a peaceful atom.”


“You know, nuclear power plants can be built at any time, but the question is who will work on it,” the ambassador said, answering the question about the possible timing of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Ethiopia. “First of all, we need to train the necessary specialists, and, according to our agreement , “Rosatom” will offer our citizens appropriate educational programs, “the diplomat added.


The Russian-Ethiopian memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes was signed within the framework of the Atomexpo 2017 forum in June 2017. Russia and Ethiopia have an intergovernmental commission on economic, scientific, technical and trade cooperation, and Ethiopia’s minister for foreign affairs may come to Moscow this fall to take part in political consultations with the Russian government.


Note: , Grum Abay Teshome, 54, was one of the 24,000 Ethiopian students who benefitted from scholarships to study in the Soviet Union. He was educated in Leningrad in the 1980s. With no prior knowledge of Russian, he set off for the Moldovan capital of Chisinau to learn the language and familiarize himself with the subjects he would later study at Leningrad State University, known today as St. Petersburg State University. He graduated with a degree in political economics in 1985, before returning to Ethiopia to join the foreign ministry.

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