Rosatom uses Amazul to promote its SMR

Rosatom uses Amazul to promote its SMR

The president of Rosatom Latin America, Ivan Dybov, has one target in Brazil: to develop a Small Reactor Technology with Amazul. 

Last August, Rosatom executives already promoted the modular construction applications of small nuclear reactors in onshore and floating plants, the safety features, their operating life, the nuclear fuel loading, the availability factor, and the economic perspectives. 

Rosatom is using Amazul to spread the technology of small reactors to nuclear industry professionals from planning to construction,” noted Ruan Nunes, vice president of Rosatom Latin America.  

Amazul and the Ministry of Energy brought together experts from the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNN), the Navy Technology Center in São Paulo (CTMSP), the Navy Nuclear Development Directorate, the Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research Ipen), the Brazilian Association of Nuclear Energy (Aben) and companies such as Atech and Nuclep 


NBN Tip: Amazul Technical and Operations Director, Humberto Vitor Soares 

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