Rosatom pushes Westinghouse out of China

Rosatom pushes Westinghouse out of China

Beijing cannot wait anymore for Westinghouse to solve its problems. Recently the fuel loading in Sanmen was postponed again by the NNSA despite the cold test. For eight years, Americans (or the Japanese, as they like) fed the Chinese with empty promises (including transfer of technology for the reactor coolant pump, the distribution control system). Finally Beijing invited its old partner Rosatom to go back to business.

The proposal of Beijing is to build two new units in Jiangsu province, Tianwan NPP 7 &8. 400 km south to the disastrous Haiyang nuclear power plant, which has been under construction by Westinghouse for eight years. The Americans have not been able to solve the most important technological issues, and China simply has no other choice. They need electricity and once Westinghouse could not solve the problem, they turned to those who already built a 3+ generation reactor, which completely suits them.

The Chinese have no generation of their own reactor 3+ and are not yet expected. The hualong is still facing difficulties in Fangchengang and Fuqing, and the EPR from France is still not operational.

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