Rosatom predicts increased risk for overseas projects

Rosatom predicts increased risk for overseas projects

The continuation of Western sanctions against Russia increases the political risk for international projects of Rosatom, according to the annual report of JSC Atomenergoprom (2018).

Such risks include “changes in the regulatory and political climate in foreign countries,” which lead to restrictions on the activities of the state corporation and its organizations. “The risk tends to increase, as the continuing sanctions pressure on Russian citizens and legal entities in general increases the uncertainty in the possibility of implementing specific economic projects,” the report says.

However, there is no sign of a single project of Rosatom that is sanctioned following the scope of Western sanctions against Russia.

However, a positive indicator in the report was the conclusion by Rosatom in 2018 of eight intergovernmental agreements and 20 major inter-agency deals.

Rosatom’s portfolio of foreign orders includes not only contracts for the construction of 36 nuclear power units but also contracts in other areas of the peaceful atom. By the end of 2018, the ten-year portfolio of Rosatom’s foreign orders remained at 133 billion dollars.

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