Rosatom online store

Rosatom online store

Rosatom has introduced an innovation in the procurement of simple products, including overalls, office equipment, stationery, etc. up to 1 million rubles (14,750 USD). Purchases can be made using the “E-shop” on the B2B-Center virtual trading platform.

The “E-shop” will simplify the execution of transactions, increase their transparency and will promote the development of competition. In addition, it will reduce the time spent on procurement. The annual volume of orders for the 300 subsidiaries of the nuclear industry is estimated at 10 billion rubles (147,728 million USD)

To become a supplier of the nuclear industry, it is necessary to obtain an electronic signature, register (obtain accreditation) on the ETP, and link the offer on the cost and the possibility of delivery to the products in the catalog. When conducting procurement suitable offers are included in the selection offered to the buyer. The seller has the opportunity to adjust and withdraw the offer in the E-shop. The winner in the purchase becomes the company that offered the products at the lowest price.

“Today, we offer our suppliers a simple and understandable mechanism for participating in our procurement,” said Roman Zimonas, Director for Procurement, Procurement and Quality Management of Rosatom, commenting on the innovation. “The E-shop service will significantly reduce the labor costs of suppliers to form a participant’s application, as well as attract even more organizations to our corporate procurement – small and medium-sized businesses”.

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