Rosatom occupies 67% of the world market

Rosatom occupies 67% of the world market

The State Corporation Rosatom occupies 67% of the world market for the construction of nuclear power plants, as stated by head of state corporation, Alexei Likhachev.

Rosatom also expects, in the near future, to conclude contracts for the construction of nuclear power plants with new countries, including with Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia (large, medium and small-capacity reactors).

At the moment, the order book exceeds US $ 133 billion. To date, 35 power units have already been concluded as contracts and intergovernmental agreements, this is 67% of the world market of foreign construction. He also clarified that “an agreement, on the construction of two large blocks in Uzbekistan, is in the final stage”. “We hope that a number of other countries will become our partners and, as they say, the newcomers in the nuclear power industry”, said the head of Rosatom.

“Last year, a record was set – almost 203 TWh of output, this is the largest figure in the history of the new Russia,” Likhachev declared. In his view, the Soviet Union’s record of 213 TWh of output is “achievable in the short term”. Likhachev said that these figures were approved by the supervisory board of the state corporation.

The head of Rosatom noted that the state corporation in 2017 fulfilled the state defense order by 100%, and said that “All measures of the state program [development of the nuclear power complex] were fulfilled by 100%, state defense order, an integral assessment of the effectiveness of the state program implementation by 100%, fulfillment of the main business indicators of the state program by 104%” .

Likhachev assured that all socio-economic programs of the state corporation are being implemented. “The proceeds of civilian production reached 862 billion rubles (12,65 Billion USD), which allows us to reduce budget allocations, we are replacing at our own gross profit those investments that were previously made from the budget,” the head of Rosatom emphasized. He said that in 2013-2015, budget allocations were about 150-155 billion rubles (2,2-2,27 Billion USD), in 2016-2017 – 76-77 billion rubles (1,1 Billion USD), and own investments reached 254 billion rubles (3,72 Billion USD) in 2017.

Speaking of the dynamics of the indicators for the first half of 2018, Likhachev said that “over 7% to revenue, more than 9% to foreign revenue and 8% is expected on gross profit”.

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