Rio Negro plant cancelled

Rio Negro plant cancelled

Governor Alberto Weretilneck ratified the ban on nuclear power plants in Río Negro. Despite the express request of President Mauricio Macri, he will not return to his initial position to allow the construction of an energy plant in Río Negro.

“We have clearly stated that our position is the law,” said the president. He pointed out that while it is clearly recognized that for the province it is an important fact, it has a transcendental economic value and agrees with the importance of nuclear energy, “having observed social rejection of the plant and lack of consensus, we will not insist on the installation of the plant. ”

“There is a judicial path that must be explored by those who believe that the project can move forward. As a government of the province we can not carry this forward, “concluded the governor around the proposals of the national government.

The management of Río Negro project are struggling to achieve the installation of the nuclear power plant. The national government is assessing other provinces in order to develop the HPR 1000 project with the 8 billion USD that China plans to invest and the province of Buenos Aires.

“We continue to work with our lawyers and with the national government. We have no information to the contrary, “said the mayor of Sierra Grande, Nelson Iribarren, the main promoter of the nuclear power plant.


Iribarren does not have official information on the subject and continues to work with lawyers and advisers to carry out a judicial presentation that allows to overcome the prohibition imposed by the provincial law to install high power nuclear power plants in the provincial territory.

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