Restructuring inside CNNC and SPI

Restructuring inside CNNC and SPI

Chinese Nuclear power industry ushered in major personnel changes. Nuclear power industry restructuring is accelerated with the new leadership.


On the afternoon of January 2, the official website of China National Nuclear Corporation (“CNNC”) announced the adjustment of the appointment of the Central Organization Department: Mr. Yu Jianfeng served as director, general manager and deputy party secretary of CNNC, and was relieved from his directorship in China State Development Investment Corporatio and replaced by The actual general manager and deputy party secretary of CNNC, Qian Zhimin.


On the same day, State Power Investment Corporation (“SPI”) also held a cadre meeting to announce that Wang Binghua, chairman of the board of directors, retired, Mr. Qian Zhimin, general manager of CNNC, succeeded to Wang Binghua as the chairman of SPI.


As one of the top five power generation groups in China, SPI is the only one that owns the nuclear power operation qualification and is also known as “China’s three largest nuclear power companies” with CNNC and China General Nuclear Power Group.

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