Reactions to Atucha III cancellation

Reactions to Atucha III cancellation

“Nuclear plan at risk” was the name of the meeting held in the Chamber of Deputies where lawmakers, experts, scientists and workers of the sector participated in order to reject the changes in the national nuclear plan.

More than a week ago the government’s decision not to build the Atucha III nuclear power plant was known. The project has an investment of 9 billion US Dollars in the city of Lima , in the Zarate district. The plant would have a majority of domestic components.

Roberto Salvarezza , current national deputy of the FPV-PJ bloc and former president of CONICET, analysed the difficult situation facing the Argentine nuclear sector.

“We examined the outlook of the Argentine Nuclear Plan. A project over 60 years and that was established over time as one of the prides of our country. It shows the scientific and technological capacity of Argentina that has allowed the complete dominion of the cycle of generation of nuclear energy in our country . The government’s announcement to cancel the construction of Atucha III and possibly Atucha IV, means a major blow to the Nuclear Plan, generating a discontinuity in it . ”

The president of the Association of professionals of the National Commission of Atomic Energy and Nuclear Activity (APCNEAN), Agustín Arbor González, also declared “the cancellation of the construction projects of the new plants and the suspension of agreements with China will lead to a setback impossible to reverse ” .

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