Rajasthan Unit 5 close to the world record

Rajasthan Unit 5 close to the world record

Rajasthan NPP, Unit 5 was closed on September 5thfor a 40 days maintenance. Mr. Srinivas, director of Rajasthan NPP Unit 5 and 6, declared that after two years of operation, maintenance was compulsory in the nuclear and conventional island. This unit generates electricity at 220 MW capacity. Rajasthan unit 5 generated a record of 765 days of continuous power generation in 2014, the highest in India.

This record was recently surpassed by the Unit 3 with 777 days of continuous power generation, and closed recently for maintenance. Vijaykumar Jain, the site director of Rajasthan NPP, located at Rawatbhata in the state of Rajasthan, said that this unit was continuously running from 28 August 2016 after the last biennial maintenance.Unit 7 of Canada’s Pickering nuclear plant holds the world record of running the largest operating plant that ran continuously for 894 days.
The maintenance of Rajasthan Unit 5 is supervised by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).

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