Radioactive waste in Chile

Radioactive waste in Chile

An expert mission was organized last November in Chile to discuss the technical options for the treatment and subsequent storage of radioactive waste generated by radiological incidents.

In this framework, experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Santiago Galea and Pedro Díaz attended, who held various meetings with the area of ​​Radioactive Waste Management and with the regulatory body.

The objective was to discuss the methods used in the decontamination processes developed after a radiological incident, inventory management of the material generated, its subsequent characterization, treatment and temporary storage.

The experts made visits to the radioactive waste management facilities of the La Reina and Lo Aguirre Nuclear Study Centers of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN), to know the capabilities of characterization, treatment, processing and storage prior to disposal. final, and analyze their capabilities and the possibility of generating a storage plan prior to final disposal.

“All industries generate waste,” said expert Pedro Díaz, a nuclear physicist at the Regulatory Authority of Cuba, who argued that “Chile has an inventory of radioactive sources used in medicine and industry, and for these cases, CCHEN has suitable facilities and procedures for its management “. However, there are too many agencies involved, with responsibilities, which, although they are defined, in certain situations can be confused.

An important part of the meetings was devoted to discussing the existing regulatory framework and to planning the development of long-term management plans for radioactive waste generated by radiological incidents.

“The contribution made by both experts will allow the Radioactive Waste Management Section to improve its procedures for the management of radioactive waste generated by radiological incidents,” said the head of the CCHEN Radiological Protection Services Department, Vivian Pereira, who added that ” It allowed us to let them know about the activities that are carried out in these topics, both in CCHEN and in the country. “

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