Qualification Test for Hualong No.1 Nuclear Pump

Qualification Test for Hualong No.1 Nuclear Pump


  • Release Date: August 29, 2016

Recently,CGN has all-sided started up the qualification test for nuclear-class pump in Fangchenggang Unit 3 &4, which are the demonstation projects of Hualong No. 1. The driven heat pump, coolant pump, low-pressure safety injection pump and the others will have to pass through 8 to 15 test items.

Hualong No.1, is a 3rd generation independent nuclear technology, it requires the power plant to have high capabilities of safety operation and accident defense systems. And while nuclear-grade pump plays a significant role in maintaining the NPP safety. Therefore, the planned tests for all the other types of pumps would guarantee the performance verification of the pumps and the successful delivery subsequently. It is a milestone to verify China’s ability of developing Hualong No.1 on its own.

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