Qinshan Covets the International Nuclear Market

Qinshan Covets the International Nuclear Market

On January 17, in the annual working meeting of the China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (“CNNP”), Qinshan Nuclear Power Company (“hereafter referred to as Qinshan”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the CNNC Overseas Investment Co., Ltd and signed a PSA contract with Fuqing Nuclear Power as well. It is a good signal for Qinshan to “go out” more in 2017.

During the meeting, Qinshan, Jiangsu Nuclear Power, Sanmen Nuclear Power, Fuqing Nuclear Power inked respectively with CNNC Overseas Investment the framework agreements for the strategic cooperation. It means the above-mentioned companies will play more and more important roles in promoting the overall capabilities of CNNC and CNNP in the international nuclear market and bolster Chinese nuclear “going abroad”.

In addition, Qinshan cooperated with Fuqing to develop the PSA modules and the application tools for all its units. It will bring the best practice and excellent management experience to Fuqing, thus to upgrade the management levels in general.

*CNNP: China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (SSE: 601985) is headquartered in Beijing and jointly invested by the China National Corporation (CNNC), the China Three Gorges Corporation, the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) and China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd, with China National Nuclear Corporation as the holding shareholder. Its business scope covers development, investment, construction, operation and management of nuclear power projects. It is also engaged in research of safe technologies for nuclear power operation, provision of related technical services as well as consulting services.

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