Qinghai expected to be the birthplace of China’s first inland nuclear project

Qinghai expected to be the birthplace of China’s first inland nuclear project

Recently, Qinghai Provincial People’s Government issued the notice of Qinghai Province’s Work Plan (2018-2020) for creating National Clean Energy Demonstration Province. The plan proposes to build a Clean Energy Base for “Four Main Clean Energy Sources-Nuclear, Photothermal, Photovoltaic and Wind Electricity  ” on its own regional advantages. Besides, it will promote “two” preliminary work for the development of both nuclear power and unconventional energy, providing an important guarantee for national energy security.

The Plan points out that it will, in Golmud and Delingha areas, scheme nuclear power projects in advance, and carry out general elections for nuclear power plant sites, so that it can provide support for transmission and export of clean energy on a grand scale.

According to the Plan, it will steadily advance the preliminary work of nuclear heating and nuclear projects. From a short-term perspective, with the objective of launching the draft of the preliminary feasibility study report for nuclear heating and nuclear construction projects in early 2019, it will mainly focus on the completion of site survey report, determining the candidate sites, and drafting the preliminary feasibility study report. In the long-term run, aiming at obtaining permits or approval from related National Authority for the above-mentioned projects by the end of 2020, it will finish pre-feasibility study report, feasibility study report and project application report.

In view of the unique advantages of developing inland nuclear in Qinghai Province, this scheduled Plan may enable Qinghai Province to build the first inland nuclear power plant in the future. The introduction of the “Program” will rewrite the history of the development of inland nuclear power plants in China.


NβN tip: As Qinghai Province, in the northwest of China, enjoys particularly outstanding geological advantages in China, plus its positive energy planning endorsed by local goverment, it is very likely to establish China’s first inland projects.

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